HP: Make It Matter

After a decade of fractured marketing, HP was the Babel of design: thousands of different stories, told by thousands of different partners, using conflicting tones, looks, even logos. The company had lost its identity. As part of the HP client team – and with the help of agencies Siegel and Gale, and BBDO – I worked on redefining the global look and feel of HP. We rebuilt everything; the HP font and logo, new color and photography rules unified HP’s public image, voice/tone guide, messaging and communications architecture and more.

This unified voice ran throughout all of its TV, print, and digital ads. In just 12 months, the world’s largest technology company had one look, one voice across all communications: “Make it matter.”

Website: www.hp.com
Services: Client-side lead

At the time, HP was the world’s largest technology company — but one that was mired in questions about the strategy behind such massive scale. And, worse, much of the organization had gone tribal with radically different stories, product lines and company logos that all signaled fragmentation rather than the power of the whole.