Excedrin: What Does a Migraine Feel Like?

Using Educational Content To Re-Launch A Beloved Medication

Excedrin® has been a leader in headache & migraine pain relief for decades and commands tremendous loyalty among a subgroup of sufferers. Novartis recalled the drug following complaints of chipped and broken pills and inconsistent bottle packaging practices that could result in mixed tablets. It took the company until mid-October to get the brand back on store shelves, and they were looking for a way to re-launch in a big way.  I worked with our consumer insights team to uncover sentiment and online chatter around how badly the brand was missed. One of the quickest ways to address the brand’s re-launch was to own “headache”, “migraine”, “what is a headache” SEO queries that currently were going to sites like Web MD.  I led the content strategy, developed the tone, voice and editorial guidelines for what would become a new content and lead generation hub for the brand. The content would later be used to inform a larger virtual reality campaign, called “The Migraine Experience”.



Using VR to Show Empathy For Those Isolated by Migraines

Rather than using virtual reality simply because it’s a novelty, the headset mimicked the symptoms of a migraine as its base. Sufferers picked out the symptoms of their migraine then handed the VR headset over to their non-migraine-sufferer partner to experience a migraine first-hand, albeit without the pain. The headset replicated some of the effects of a migraine, including blind spots, auras, sensitivity to light, thumping headache, and disorientation.