I'm Good At

I’m willing to take creative risks, but like to do things smartly. I’m experienced, yet always learning. I don’t mind chasing the bright and shiny but only if we’re experimenting in the name of data capture and learning. I thrive in chaos and jump at any opportunity to solve a problem with creativity. I have a talent for building teams and cultivating individual energy to create a collaborative collective.

I consider myself a full-stack marketer. What is a full-stack marketer you ask? The term Full-stack comes from the world of developers. Full-stack developers can tackle a dev project from start to finish without assistance because they know how do design the frontend and backend programming languages.  Similarly, this is the case with full-stack marketers. A full-stack marketer can efficiently produce successful, visionary strategy, but has the expertise and tactical know-how to do so at every stage of the marketing funnel. They can think big-picture, but also have a finger on the pulse of which tools and channels will yield the best results (SEO, email, social media, web, content, analytics, paid media, etc.)

What People Say About Me

“She is a rare combination of client/agency experience that makes her a force to be reckoned with. She brings both the creativity and nimbleness of the agency side of the house, with a firm understanding of the client side dynamics and strategy that give her a unique ability to navigate difficult situations, anticipate challenges while pushing the limits of what the team thought possible. Bryna brings an objectivity and optimism that cuts a clear path ahead for even the most troubling situations. Her EQ is off the charts. Beyond that Bryna is calm under pressure which keeps the entire team at ease.”

Lisa Luscap VP, Digital Marketing, Dolby

“Bryna is a talented and smart strategist. Client's respect her, value her opinion and are able to see that she has their best interest at the for-front of her approach to digital strategy and recommendations. She consistently puts the client's needs in front potentially conflicting priorities, which builds trust, respect and results. She’s able to persuade teams to see a new or alternative approach to business problems with both clear communication and an easy temperament. I enjoy working with Bryna!”

Sarah McCaferty Sr. Project Manager, Wire Stone

“Working with Bryna and shadowing her from a distance has been a pleasure. She has this innate ability to recognize talent on her teams and to nurture it, often going out of her way to mentor junior level staff looking to learn. She is honest, inquisitive and strategic and whether she realizes it or not (well, I guess now she will.), she’s helped me confidently choose a career trajectory in digital. Her down-to-earth sensibility makes her an approachable senior leader and I am lucky to have worked with her.”

danielle hertz
Danielle Hertz Product Marketer, Google

“Bryna led the digital team at Weber Shandwick SF, growing our small group into a thriving team in a few short years. Bryna brought years of client-side experience to our team, easily building trust with new clients, creating strategic plans that put the client first, and shared her expertise with more junior staff - simultaneously building-out our practice while mentoring individuals. I witnessed first-hand (and learned from) Bryna's expertise in audience mapping, web design, influencer programs, paid syndication, and integrating paid, owned and earned media planning.”

danielle calhoun
Danielle Calhoun Director, Digital, Weber Shandwick

“From the first time we worked together, it was clear that Bryna is a talented and savvy digital strategist. But, what impressed me most is her incredible passion, her desire to build teams and processes that make for excellent work, and her thoughtful care of her client and colleague relationships. Bryna is top notch, and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.”

Laura Morarity Director, Global Communications, Sonos