Ubisoft: Far Cry 4

"Quest For Everest": Taking Ubisoft To New Heights, Literally.

Taking Ubisoft To New Heights—Literally.

Ubisoft wanted to make a huge splash with the launch of Far Cry 4, the crown jewel of their 2014 portfolio. They needed an activation that would elevate them above the noisy holiday season.

As part of the integrated Creation/Weber Shandwick agency team for Ubisoft, we focused our campaign insights and ideas on the game’s narrative and location. Kyrat—the fictional land where the game takes place, located between India and China—has its own history, religion, myths and legends, and a complete timeline of events that have shaped the country over time. Ubisoft embedded all this history in the world for players to discover, making Kyrat one of the most fleshed-out “characters” and easily one of the biggest differentiators in the game.

But how could we make Kyrat feel real, and accomplish Ubisoft’s goal of breaking through the holiday buying cycle? Enter the “Quest For Everest” — a campaign idea that would Ubisoft to record-setting heights; get gamers to climb to the top of Mount Everest (the real-life inspiration of Kyrat’s mountain area) to experience the Far Cry 4 storyline in real-life.

Client: Ubisoft (Far Cry)
Website: ubisoft.com
Services: Strategy, Creative, PR, Content

“Quest For Everest”: Breaking a Guinness World Record 

Ubisoft chose a lucky fan, and Utah native, William Cruz as the winner of its “Quest for Everest: The Gaming Journey of a Lifetime” contest, in which he won the opportunity to make the journey up Everest and play the game with a spectacular view in front of him.

Cruz played for about 90 minutes, although he kept dying in the game, so distracted was he by the jaw-dropping views as the sun set in the distance. While it may not have been his best gaming session, by playing he secured the “Guinness World Record for Highest Altitude Videogame Console Session” at a recorded elevation of 18,569 feet, capturing national attention from media outlets like Good Morning America, CNN, Fox, IGN, and others. This momentum helped Far Cry 4 sell more than 7 million units, making it one of the most successful launches of Ubisoft’s holiday season.