Ebay: Telling Stories With Influencers

Building an emotional connection to eBay through Influencer storytelling.

Client: Dorte Mandrup

For the launch of eBay’s re-brand campaign, I created an influencer campaign that connected consumers to voices they trust — social influencers they follow on other
networks (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and blogs) — to the possibilities of eBay. Worked with influencers within the Ebay Influencer Network (https://influencernetwork.ebay.com) to create articles, videos and social media how-tos using tell stories and share the meaning behind products they found on eBay that aligned to passions they held dear; fashion, pets, tech, gardening, kids projects, and more.

• 14% increase in positive sentiment about eBay (via brand tracker tools)
• 2MM+ visits to Influencer Network during the holiday season
• Increased revenue from related product categories featured in campaign