From B2B to B2C : Rebranding Dolby (2.0)

Owning leadership in sight and sound experiences.

Dolby is transitioning from an ingredient brand to an experience brand. For the first time in the company’s 50 year history, it is building direct relationships with consumers and reminding them that Dolby is creating products and experiences that push the limits of innovation to define the future of entertainment.

As the company pivots from a B2B brand and partner-focused marketing, I am one of their first B2C hires spearheading an entirely new consumer marketing team responsible for Dolby’s evolution from ingredient brand to consumer experience brand (Dolby 2.0). The work is not yet public facing, but a glimpse of the brand, audience strategy, messaging and visual identity I was responsible for are shown below.

Dolby 2.0 Visual Identity

Dolby 2.0 Digital Experience

Launching Dolby’s First-Ever, Direct To Consumer Product: Dolby Dimension Headphones

After years of relying on OEM partners to adopt Dolby technology into their headphones, televisions, soundbars and more, Dolby decided to own its own the consumer experience by developing its first direct-to-consumer product; The Dolby Dimension Headphones.  Though the product was three years in the making, by the time I got to Dolby, the engineering and product team looked to my newly created B2C marketing team to help define the market position, the target audience, the messaging as well as build buzz and drive sales. As such, I developed the go-to-market messaging and strategy, and worked with our integrated Web, PR and Creative teams to help unify it and bring to life Dimension’s branding, e-commerce  experience (a first for, while I lead the always-on digital marketing strategy that leveraged the use of tech influencers to drive initial buzz (another first for Dolby.)

Dolby Dimension Digital Ad

How To Videos

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